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Aerospace Products
  • Engine Test Cell Turnkey Solutions

  • Data Acquisition & Processing

  • Engineer/Operator Interface & Control Systems

  • Instrumentation 

  • Remote Monitoring and Logging

  • Correlation Support Services

Engineering Services
  • Consulting Services

  • Specification Development

  • R&D Programs

  • Component/Assembly Design

  • Software Analysis and Development

  • LabVIEW Development Services

  • System Maintenance

Support & Upgrades
  • Procurement & Development Services

  • Facilities Maintenance Services


We designed our EngineTest© software suite specifically with test cells in mind.

Utilizing feedback from years of satisfied customers, the EngineTest© software suite has evolved to the complete centralized acquisition and control system it is today.



Yanos Aerospace?


Having over 25 years' experience in the aerospace industry, our experts can find a solution for any engine test requirements.

Yanos Aerospace takes pride in remaining on the forefront of technical innovation in test cell control systems. We aim to work with other reputable organizations around the world to develop test cells equipped with the highest level of automation and safety possible.

We strive to provide user friendly, easily configurable and cost-effective test systems and test equipment for the gas turbine engine test facility market.


Our Extensive Client List Includes:


  • Rolls-Royce Canada

  • Magellan Aerospace

  • Vector Aerospace

  • DND Canada

  • Standard Aero Ltd

  • Trans Canada Turbines

United States

  • Rolls-Royce Corporation

  • RWG

  • Boeing

  • Delta Airlines

  • Aero Systems Engineering

  • Fleet Readiness Center East

Other Overseas

  • Royal Australian Airforce

  • Volvo Aero Corporation

  • Standard Aero Netherlands

  • TAE Aerospace, Australia

  • Royal Malaysian Airforce


Our products are state of the art, user friendly and easily configurable systems. We provide full support for our installed systems and all Customer Support issues are given the highest priority.

From large commercial engines, such as the Trent XWB/1000, to military grade engines, such as the F404/F414, Yanos Aerospace brings the technology and design expertise to deliver seamless control and monitoring.


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Ph: (403) 250-8008
Fax: (403) 398-0507

1920 - 10th Ave. SW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T3C 0J8


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