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EngineTest© Data Acquisition System (DAS) 

User configurable data acquisition system

  • The EngineTest© Data Acquisition System (DAS) provides customers with a comprehensive flexible product to acquire dynamic data from rotating machinery, save this data, and allow complete analysis of the data through post processing and on-line analysis tools

  • The DAS is a PC-based system that uses standard off-the-shelf hardware and software components

  • It allows for accessible storage of the vast amounts of data collected during a test as well as convenient archiving of the data on physically small, inexpensive and stable archive media

Unrivaled Performance

Fast and reliable!

  • This EngineTest© DAS is capable of logging data up to 1000 samples per second from every probe, PLC and device in the facility

  • This LabView based system uses  CompactRIOs which provide high-performance processing capabilities and sensor-specific conditioned I/O

  • Designed with modularity and expandability in mind for all future engine models and variants

  • Allows for accurate and precisely times low-latency transfer of time-sensitive data you can trust 

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