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LogSheet Software

Dependable logging and reporting of test data!

  • EngineTest LogSheet is used for the logging and reporting of test data  

  • Using the OEM engine manuals, Yanos Aerospace digitizes all test steps and graphs into an efficient interface for the operator

  • All data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database which is accessible by the software or any external queries (i.e. Excel)

  • EngineTest Logsheet works in conjunction with EngineTest© RealTime to ensure all your data scans are accurate and consistent

Customize Your Workbook

Fully configurable for any criteria!

  • EngineTest LogSheet and test results component is presented as a grid that displays all of the input and output data and is automatically stored in the database

  • All information is included for the particular run and the entire workbook is directly printable as a test report and can be exported as a standalone document for emailing

  • A test Summary or customer report may be created which is specifically formatted with the customer’s logos and configured to display information selected by the customer

  • In addition, any test logs and reports are stored in a Microsoft excel template, which is available for modification to suit any reporting standards necessary

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