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Yanos Aerospace Command Interface (yCOM)

The Future in Test Cell Automation!

Yanos Aerospace is committed to on-going Research & Development activities to ensure that our existing products are state-of-the-art.  This is why we are proud to introduce the yCOM throttle system, which brings the highest level of automation and safety for any control system application. 

  • The yCOM is the centralized interface for the facility and engine control system (FECS)

  • Designed with Operators in mind, the yCOM system provides the highest level of automation while providing complete control and safety

  • Capable of running through all required test procedures in semi or fully automatic mode

  • Allows never before seen levels of data precision over multiple runs

Visual Style Facility Monitoring and Control

Intuitive, Easily Configurable and Expandable Screens!

  • Using the same design philosophy as EngineTest© RealTime, the yCOM system provides easily configurable screens that provide a visual representation of the facility for feedback and control

  • Powered by the yDEX Engine, the system is easily expandable to account for future facility hardware additions and changes

  • The yCOM system automates your interlocks in a visual manner to ensure a safe and reliable engine start-up

  • Thanks to the versatility in the Yanos software architecture (powered by Labview), the yCOM system is easily expandable to account for any future engine models/variants additions 

Auto Throttle Lever

Run through your engine tests automatically!

  • yCOM's fully automatic mode allows the engine to run with any set of automated throttle actions, without any interaction from the operator

  • These fully automated sequences are designed to accomplish a complete functional test as defined by the engine test procedures, including the control of additional system settings and automated data capture

  • yCOM's semi automatic mode breaks each test into steps that the operator can choose to execute sequentially

  • yCOM's manual mode includes a number of additional features designed to aid the operator and increase data precision when perming multiple runs, these include:​​

    • Precise ramp actuation​, moves the throttle automatically from position A to position B in the amount of time specified by the operator with incredible accuracy

    • Programmable digital detents, these help the operators track and lock in place the throttle at key positions during the run

    • Fast and Slow jogs, used for small lever adjustments

    • Setting max throttle position, limits thrust output to a specified maximum 

Featured Project using the yCOM System

Delta Airlines World's largest engine test cell
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