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yCOM Control Interface

The Yanos Aerospace yCOM system is the central control point for the test cell. It harmonizes all facility and engine controls using a customizable GUI, a high resolution touchscreen, and mechanical inputs such as pushbuttons and control levers.

The Future in Test Cell Automation

  • The yCOM is the centralized interface for the Yanos Aerospace facility and engine control systems.

  • Designed with Operators in mind, the yCOM system provides the highest level of automation while providing complete control and safety.

  • Capable of running through all required test procedures in semi-automatic, or fully-automatic, modes.

  • Intuitive, customizable GUIs that incorporate piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) for a better understanding of the systems being controlled.

  • The yCOM incorporates programmable interlocks and emergency actions.


Intuitive Facility Control & Monitoring

Intuitive, Easily Configurable, and Expandable Screens

  • Using the same design philosophy as EngineTest© RealTime, the yCOM system provides easily configurable screens that provide a visual representation of the facility for feedback and control.

  • Powered by the yDEX Engine, the system is easily expandable to account for future facility hardware additions and changes.

  • Thanks to the versatility of the Yanos Aerospace software architecture (powered by LabVIEW), the yCOM system is easily expandable to account for any future engine models and variants.

Auto Throttle Lever

Run through your engine tests automatically

  • yCOM's fully automatic mode allows the engine to run with automated throttle actions.

  • The fully automated sequences are designed to accomplish a complete functional test as defined by the engine test procedures.

  • yCOM's semi-automatic mode breaks each test into steps that the operator can choose to execute individually.

  • yCOM's manual mode includes a number of additional features designed to aid the operator and increase data precision when performing multiple runs, these features include:​​

    • Precise ramp actuation​, moves the throttle automatically from position A to position B in the amount of time specified by the operator and is perfectly accurate and repeatable.

    • Programmable detents, which help the operators track, and lock the throttle in place at, key positions during the run.

    • Fast and Slow jog buttons can be used for precise lever adjustments.

    • Setting a max throttle position to limits thrust output to a specified maximum.


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