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EngineTest® Integrated Vibration Analyzer

The EngineTest® Integrated Vibration Analyzer (EIVA) is a comprehensive vibration analysis system that is easily configurable by the end user. With features such as configurable tracking filters, FFT analysis, high-speed data logging, and sophisticated post-processing tools, EIVA has proven to be a powerful tool for analyzing engine vibrations.

Measure and Analyze Vibration Data

  • The EIVA system comes with fully configured software that includes the tools required to process, analyze, and review the vibration data, as well as to configure the system.

  • Each configuration comes with re-settable peak hold plots that are useful for recording vibrations during transients.

  • High speed data logging allows vibration experts to post-process and analyze the vibration data without the need to re-run the engine.

  • Captured data can be exported into various formats (such as Excel or MATLAB) for customized post processing and analysis.

  • Featuring cDAQ hardware and high-speed, c-series, data acquisition modules from NI.

EIVA 3D Waterfall Image_crop.png

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