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EngineTest® Realtime Software Suite

The EngineTest® Realtime Software Suite is a collection of applications that work together to acquire, process, log, and display data in real-time. Through the use of our industry-leading dynamic data server (DDS) structure, all of our applications can easily share the incoming data for specific purposes as well as publish new data for the other applications to use.


Featuring NI cRIO hardware (available with alternative COTS hardware upon request), our EngineTest® Realtime system is used to acquire sensor data from real-world devices. It seamlessly publishes the calibrated data to the Dynamic Data Server (DDS) which enables other applications to use the data for various purposes such as display, logging, and more.


With available Class I, Div 2 ratings, the data acquisition hardware can be installed in close proximity to the engine under test. The use of distributed hardware significantly reduces cable runs, resulting in a system that is easy to maintain and troubleshoot.

PID Manager GUI_wide with white.png


The cRIO system combines robust hardware with an embedded Real-Time OS and a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). This integration enables our system to directly acquire, process, and publish data (in engineering units) from the distributed DAQ hardware. Moreover, this platform eliminates the requirement for external signal conditioning components, which results in a highly streamlined, and easily supportable, DAQ interface.

Interconnecting through the Yanos Aerospace Dynamic Data Server, multiple applications can work on, and contribute to, the data set simultaneously. This includes the Yanos Aerospace Realtime Calculation application (yRTC), which is used to process user-defined calculated channels, unit conversions, time averaging, and much more!


The Yanos Aerospace Realtime Data Logger application (yRDL) is a powerful solution for high-performance data logging. It is capable of logging data at rates exceeding 100kHz (when required) while ensuring precise synchronization through channel-specific time-stamping.


With seamless connectivity to the Yanos Aerospace Dynamic Data Server, yRDL effortlessly accesses all system data. Combined with features like sentry logging and automatic data archiving, nothing escapes the meticulous reach of yRDL.



Intuitive Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) enable users to monitor system data in real-time. Created in LabVIEW, our GUIs are easily customizable by the end-user. With integrated alarm annunciation and limit indications, our designs prioritize the safe and efficient operation of the engine and facility.

Capitalizing on the strength of Yanos Aerospace's truly dynamic data server, any connected computer can conveniently access and display real-time data, whether on-site, or remotely.

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At Yanos Aerospace, we take pride in our collaborative partnerships with esteemed organizations worldwide. Together, we've developed state-of-the-art facilities that feature a seamless integration of reliable Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment, which is complemented by powerful, and highly configurable, software interfaces.

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