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Mechanical & Electrical Systems

Yanos Aerospace has a wealth of experience when it comes to Mechanical & Electrical Systems. Let our team of engineers help you design and integrate critical components such as: fuel metering, electrical load banks, dynamometers, electrical start power systems, air start systems, mechanical throttle systems, pumps, piping, control valves, intake & exhaust systems, and much more.

Mechanical Systems

Your test cell will need more than computers and electronics to run an engine. Let Yanos Aerospace's experienced team of engineers help you design and implement your test cell mechanical systems, including:

  • Mechanical Throttle Control (actuators, linkages, etc.)

  • Fuel Metering (Coriolis meters)

  • Fuel Storage and Supply (tanks, pumps, valves, regulators, etc.)

  • Air Start Systems (tanks, compressors, valves, dryers, etc.)

  • Intake, Exhaust, and Airflow Design & Modeling

  • Mechanical Loading Systems (dynamometers)

  • Oil Lube Packages (tanks, pumps, valves, metering, etc.)

  • Piping and Instrumentations Diagrams (P&ID)

  • Control Valve Sizing and Integration

Froude Dyne.jpg
TCT load banks.JPG

Electrical Systems

The Yanos Aerospace Data Acquisition and Control System packages are supplied with the appropriate AC and DC power sources for powering the engine systems and the DAQ controllers. However, our engineers can also help with the design, selection, and implementation of various other electrical systems, including:

  • Electrical Start Power Systems

  • Electrical Load Banks (for generator loading)

  • Generator Control Packages

  • Servomotor Control and Integration

  • Facility AC Wiring and Infrastructure

  • Wiring Design & Schematics

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Featured Projects

At Yanos Aerospace, we take pride in our collaborative partnerships with esteemed organizations worldwide. Together, we've developed state-of-the-art facilities that feature a seamless integration of reliable Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment, which is complemented by powerful, and highly configurable, software interfaces.

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