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yCAL Calibration Interface

The yCAL Calibration Interface from Yanos Aerospace incorporates all aspects of test cell and facility calibration into one convenient package. The feature-rich yCAL software allows users to seamlessly interface with all the distributed controllers, while the fully-integrated calibration cart is used to provide the calibration reference inputs.

A Unified User Interface
for Calibration

  • The Yanos Aerospace Calibration Interface (yCAL) is used to calibrate all parameters from cRIOs, PLCs, and any other field devices using the yDEX application.

  • All calibrations are stored and processed on distributed controllers throughout the facility, which allows any software client (GUIs, loggers, etc.) to access calibrated data, in engineering units, when requested. Even non-intelligent devices can interface with the Dynamic Data Server (yDDS), and produce calibrated data, thanks to the Yanos Aerospace yDEX application!

  • The yCAL software consolidates all devices into a single interface and allows the user to quickly switch between the desired devices.

  • yCAL allows the user to perform multi-point and multi-channel calibrations, which saves time for the calibrator and simplifies the calibration process.

Calibration Cart 1_edited.jpg
yCALI2_square with white.png

Trust-Worthy Verification

  • The yCAL verification interface is used to verify any applied calibration curve, ensuring all calibrations meet or exceed their required standards.

  • The verification table displays the following key parameters:

    • User-defined set point.

    • Observed/Calibrated measured value.

    • Deviation between the set point and the observed value.

    • Allowable tolerance.

    • Hysteresis.

    • Date when the verification point was captured.

    • Standard used to inject the reference signal.

  • yCAL is able to check the allowable tolerance for each verification point and notify the calibrator if any point is out of tolerance.

  • yCAL can provide the user with a full calibration history report that can be easily customized as per customer requirements.

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